Thai art wallpaper
Thai art wallpaper
Thai art wallpaper
Thai art wallpaper

 Thai Meal   

 Authentic Thai Taste, Asian fusion cuisine, Noodles, and Curry dishes

Authentic Thai restaurant & Asian cuisine FL


FRESH ROLL (1)          2.25

Shrimp, bean sprouts, lettuce, rice noodle and mint leaves rolled up in the rice paper dipped in our flavorful peanut sauce.

VEGGIE SPRING ROLL(4)          4.25

Fried cabbage, celery, carrots, clear noodles wrapped with rice paper skins.

PAD THAI CRUNCH         8.00

Try a new creation of fried wonton skin, chicken, scallions, egg, bean sprouts, and ground peanut with Pad Thai sauce.

PAD THAI FRIED ROLL(3)          5.95

Deep fried your favorite Pad Thai wrapped in rice paper skin.

EDAMAME          5

CHICKEN SATAY      6.95       or        SHRIMP SATAY          6.95

Marinated with coconut and yellow curry on skewers.

FRIED WONTON(6)          5.50

Grounded chicken, shrimp, cilantro wrapped in wonton skin.

POT STICKERS(5)          5.99

Pan-fried grounded chicken and cabbage dumplings.

SEAWEED SALAD          5.00